Life Events

Are you thinking about a church wedding in St John's or St Leonard's? We'd love to hear from you. Contact our parish administrator on 01582 822525 or


We'll need to check a few things, then you'll meet with the vicar and start preparing for your special day and your new life together.


There's a wealth of useful information here:



Baptism or Christening (it's the same thing) is the church's welcome to a new member of our community: a baby, a child, a teenager or an adult. You can be baptised at any age. Baptism is a beginning of your new life in faith. Drop in to one of our services and talk to Revd Jo, or contact our administrator on 01582 822525 or


Meanwhile, here's some more information from the Church of England:



Confirmation is a definite step into the full life of the Church of England. If you were baptised as a baby, you might want to 'confirm' that decision for yourself at any age. Some adults are baptised and confirmed by a bishop, both at the same time.


The next confirmation service in our deanery (that's the group of churches in our area) is 5th June, in All Saints Batford. Confirmation classes will start after Easter. Contact Revd Jo on


Don't be afraid that you don't know everything, or if you have doubts. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask.




We believe that death is not the end; also that everyone from our parishes deserves a farewell made with love just for them. We will visit you, listen to you, help you choose hymns and music, and walk with you step by step all the way. And we're there for you afterwards, if you still need us. Your funeral director will contact us and we will take it from there.


Or contact our administrator on 01582 822525 or


Every year we continue to remember our loved ones in both churches in late October or early November. Join us for our All Souls services then.