Practicalities about Confirmation



Confirmation services are generally shared with other churches in the deanery (that's the 11 churches in the Wheathampstead Deanery). A Bishop visits specially to confirm our candidates, though sometimes we have all gone to the Abbey in St Albans. It's an exciting and moving step to take: one more step on the ladder of faith. And it's an occasion to invite family and friends to support you. 


Historically, confirmation rounded off baptism. It's when the Bishop confirms the baptism we have received earlier, often as small children. So this is the individual's own decision to enter into the faith. 


The first step is to have a chat with Jo the Vicar. She should be able to tell you when the next confirmation service will be. We'll hold classes to prepare you: but don't worry, there's no test or exam. Often different people need different preparation: it depends on where you are in your faith journey and what questions you may have.  


But for many people, this is the gateway to receiving communion: the bread and wine that unites us as the body of Christ. So you'll need to have some understanding of communion and what it means. 


At the confirmation service itself, you'll probably be part of a group from different churches, all seeking confirmation. There'll be hymns, Bible readings and a sermon. The each candidate will kneel in front of the Bishop who will call them by their name, lay hands on their head and confirm them, praying that they each receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. You'll probably take communion at that service, too.


There are answers to Frequently Asked Questions, here:  Confirmation FAQs